This tour was possibly the highlight of our trip! Our guide was Vinnie, a born and bred Venetian and boy did he know his city. My only regret is that I did not book him for our first day in Venice-----then all my pictures would have been amazing!! We met with him on our third evening in Venice, so we had covered a lot of the major sights by then.....but Vinnie had a surprise for us...he took us to several areas we did not know existed because they were secrets of the locals! And those sights were by far the best kept secrets of Venice. I chose to use my I phone and he gave me some wonderful instructions and tips that I can also use with my DSL. It was a wonderful walking tour and a great way to end our stay in Venice. But I do have to say, my pictures of Croatia and Greece were wonderful as a result of his expertise. I would highly recommend this tour as long as Vinnie is your guide!! He is an amazing photographer himself and I really enjoyed hearing about his travels also. If I every make it back to Venice, I will book him again!!!! Thank you Vinnie!!! Joan H - August 2017
The session was just with ourselves and Venicio, the photographer. He showed me features on our camera that I did not know about, and the photos taken, with his guidance and expertise, are brilliant. He was such a nice person and so knowledgable about the areas we went to, it was also a personal tour of Venice away from the tourist routes. It has given me a new desire to take more creative photos.

This tour was great if you're into snapping photos and like to be guided on how to frame the perfect shot. My boyfriend and i didn't really know what to expect but we had a great morning walking the streets of Venice and took some great shots. I would recommend this tour for photography enthusiasts.
Lots of off the beaten path views. Avrum – Israel (2018)

Thank you Vinny- we loved walking around Veice with you and seeing those sites that most tourists do not experience. Vinny's advice on photography has helped us to take better photos and to be more aware of the light and composition of the shot. A fantastic tour.
Excellent, makes you see Venice beyond the tourist hordes... Vinicio is a very talented and experienced photographer, with an international background. He knows Venice inside out and will take you to the less known neighborhoods, will also share with you good gourmet addresses. Highly recommended for all those interested in photography.

We had such an incredible experience with the photography walking tour. We were so appreciative of the opportunity to have a personal guide take us around and find the hidden gems of Venice. My daughter is an aspiring photographer so this experience enabled her to learn first hand how to capture the heart of the city and make the emotional connection to the locals. Highly recommend if you get the opportunity - it is well worth your time 3 hours and expense. Kim - September 2017
We stayed only overnight and Venice is the first stop in our trip. We are glad we booked this tour because we were able to walk to areas we were not able to see during my first visit in Venice years back. And we got good tips which we were able to use all througout our trip. My friends and I have different cameras which we were able to familiarise ourselves. We also learned how to adjust lights for sunset and night lights. Vini is very accommodating. He answered our queries patiently even if our queries are not about photography like where to eat etc. He is also very kind to pick us up at the hotel. I love this tour because my little knowledge in photography learned thru lectures were applied in practice. Thanks a lot Vini. Nella - September 2017

Walking through the city of Venice was a fantastic experience. But having a fun and knowledgeable citizen like Vinicio, who is a fantastic photographer with a great "eye", really enhanced our experience. Not only did we have an entertaining and educational tour, we have memories captured on camera to last us a lifetime.
Venice is a fantastic city and I really wanted to do it justice in my photos, but I use a point-and-shoot or my phone's camera. Not a problem for Vinicio! He showed me how to use light and shadow, perspective, and patience to achieve incredible results. He kept stressing: "It's the photographer, not the camera." I believed him, and I have wonderful reminders of my vacation. He personalizes his tours to suit your needs and interests. Great experience!

Vinnie was born in Venice and his ability to capture the natural scenery is amazing. My fiancé booked a photo session for us after he proposed on a gondola. So romantic! We got so many good shots we will not even need another formal engagement session. He really captured the beauty and history of the city in the photos! I wish we could get him to come to the states for our wedding!! Thanks Vinnie!!
Me and my wife (Semiprofessional and hobby-photographers) booked this tour with Vinicio the beginning of April. Everything went well with the meeting point and time. A other couple joined us for the phototour with Vinico. During the 2 hour tour he took us from one interesting photo spot to another. His tips on angels and having the right "eye" for a photo were fantastic. Also the background information about venice that he provided us with was very interesting. We're still busy with post production on our many photos we brought home with us from our 6 day stay. We recommend!

We booked a two hour photo tour of Venice through Get Your Guide. The weather was very overcast that day with some intermittent light rain... I was nervous how the day would turn out & if my wife would enjoy the photography. In short, Vinicio's photography tour ended up being one of our absolute favorite things that we did on our ten-day European trip (Paris, Venice, Amalfi Coast & Rome) - I strongly recommend it!!! We travel very frequently (and always take our Canon DSLRs along). The vast majority of our vacation pictures end up being of our young kids. On this trip, however, the kids weren't allowed along (Paris work event). We joked with Vinicio that we weren't exactly sure what we were going to take pictures of on our trip without the kids there. :-). He not only provided a lot of good tips on DSLR settings & composition techniques, but also showed us a side of Venice that we quite honestly would not have appreciated. The pictures turned out great & we loved the tour
"Hi Vinicio, I and my two friends, Cathy and Merran did your morning workshop on 7/7/2015 in Venice with two English ladies. I enjoyed it very much. It was great in the cool of the morning. I enjoyed learning and reinforcing some lessons in photography in South Australia that I did earlier this year. CouId I send some photos to you from that morning to get your comment. I only arrived home two days ago, so it may take some time. The tour was brilliant going through the laneways and over bridges and seeing how the Venician moves house. It was relaxing but invigorating. And you are a very good teacher of photography. One point I learnt was to view the overall photo/picture to get the correct effect. I tried to get that for the rest of the trip. I would love to do this tour again. Regards Anna"

"Hi Vinnie, thanks a lot for all the useful lessons you gave us during these two days together. We hope to repeat the same experience next year. Regards, Gary and Julie"
Mille volte a Venezia....ma vederla con la luce giusta è tutta un'altra cosa! Felice di aver partecipato al Workshop di Vinicio Tassani, fotografo freelance eccellente, professionista attento ad ogni particolare. La cura del dettaglio è il suo must! Grazie Vinicio,con te non si finisce mai di scovare un angolo interessante da tradurre in uno scatto fotografico!!! Attendo impaziente altre tue proposte di Workshop! Nicoletta Diamanti

Un solido professionista mi ha mostrato un un paio di giorni la sua città, Due giorni a Venezia con un Maestro di Venezia. Ho notato particolari originalissimi e visto posti incredibili lontano, ma appena dietro l'angolo, dagli itinerari turistici. Ho scattato dei rossi indimenticabili al mercato del pesce di Rialto. Avevo un collega e una amico, ho scoperto un Maestro.
Made the decision to travel to Venice and have a local's perspective for a photographic tour of the city. Not only is Vinicio a truly gifted photographer but, as I came to discover, he has been a life long resident of the city and with that knows amazing little know locations plus he has relationships for access that made my trip. I have already recommended him to two friends traveling to Italy and would highly recommend spending time with him to anyone seeking to have a once in a lifetime experience in Venice.

Me and my wife went to Venice for the first time last Fall we were recommended to do Vinicio Tassani's photo tour. This was a very rewarding experience as not only we developed our photo shooting skills as we could learn a lot about Venice and it secret enchantments. Vinicio is an extremely skilled photographer with a true passion for his city and this translates in a wonderful experience not to be missed in one of the most unique and beautiful cities in the world: Venice!
In my travels through Italy, I had the pleasure to do the full day (five hour) Photo Tour in Venice with Vinicio; and what an enjoyable, fun, and learning filled experience it was! I saw Venice in ways that most tourists do not-through the eyes of a knowledgeable, and very accommodating experienced professional photographer who was personable, eager to show you his city, and help improve my photographic skills. The tour was customized in advance to my photographic knowledge. Working with my knowledge base, Vinicio taught me much about composition, perspective, line, exposure compensation, and interesting new shooting angles. The five hours flew by so fast-I could have easily continued on. I am now at home practicing the techniques and skills that I learned on my photo tour in Venice. Thanks so much to my wonderful "guide" Vinicio in Venice.

Having been to Venice on one previous occasion I knew it to be the most beautiful and most photogenic city in the world. This time with a much better camera and a developing passion for photography I wanted guidance on where and how to get the best images. I was fortunate to discover Vinicio and his tours. Vinicio, as a native of Venice and a professional and experienced photographer, is the ideal guide. He knows the places in Venice that the tourists don't get to: the hidden corners, the secret passage ways, the charm of the lesser known squares and canals. He becomes aware of the experience and ability of his guests very quickly and gears his advice to their level of expertise. Vinicio’s English is excellent and he is an enjoyable and knowledgeable companion. As well as our afternoon tour, he gave us good advice on other areas of Venice to visit in our remaining few days Travelling with a friend, we both agreed that this was the highlight of our visit to Venice and one which enabled us to take memorable and exciting photos of a much higher standard than we would otherwise have achieved. Thank you Vinicio
I visited Venice for the Masks Festival 12/2/2015. Joined a photografers tour with Vinico Tassani. It was a tour of discovery of entchant Venice. We made unusual photos with Vini's instructions. Thank you Vinicio Tassani.....

My wife and I spent three days in Venice and one of this was 100% about shooting in this wonderful city. We spent 8 hours with Vinicio. He is a professional photographer with a very good english knowledge, an incredible knowledge about photography. He has the "magic touch" to help you to understand how to read the light, how to compose the image, hoe to use your own camera without to much technical words or speech. He was funny also describing so many venetian aspects! I could not imagine to spend my money in better way having a photo teacher, walking and shooting in this fantastic (look my pictures!!!) city. Thank you Vinicio