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Venice-born Vinicio Tassani spent his youth immersed in the daily passions of that beautiful Italian metropolis, where his desire to become a photographer was first catalyzed.  His dedication to the art of “drawing with light,” which was further sharpened in his attending the New York Institute of Photography, would become a life-long quest.

In perfecting creative shooting for commissioned assignments, he primarily uses digital format photography, although his creative talents cames from analog photography.  As he said, “Even film is more costly and time-intensive, it allows me to truly focus on the images while giving me a real sense of freedom.”  

Rarely in the outdoors without his Leica M camera in tow, Vinicio’s areas of specialty include travel, street and portrait photography.  He is gifted with the uncanny knack of illuminating his subject matter, to the extent that it has been described as radiating from his lens. While his range of subject matter is diverse, the goal is always the same:  to capture the human element, or an essential moment suspended in time, reflecting the nuance, mystery and beauty of life on our planet.

Throughout an accomplished career Vinicio has garnered myriad awards and recognition at the numerous global exhibitions in which he has participated. He believes in a strong collaboration with world experts, photography institutions, non-profit organizations, social networking sites and novice associates in order to further refine his knowledge of the art of photography.  His work is available electronically and in book format, selected with absolute care.


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