My Style

Reportage, mainly...

A Reportage photographer does not create pictures but takes “true” images. Making Reportage do not mean just being in the forefront of some conflict in the world.

Making Reportage means telling stories with images that we are facing, the events that we are following and living, using an immediate and effective tool, the camera, an “extension of the ‘eye of a photojournalist”, according to Rodchenko.

Making Reportage also means taking a picture of a celebrity, more or less famous, in his home, his office or outside, improvising or creating a kind of photographic studio on site.

There are many situations and controversial issues, moving and tragic experiences where Reportage photography can document everything and nothing. Reportage is one of the most intimate forms of photographic practice, although it has explicit connections with the public space.

A Reportage photographer must to bring out the real person in the picture because when the image is captured in a natural way and the person is caught by surprise, is his very being that is photographed, and nothing else. The task of the photographer here is very difficult because it must seize the right moment to shoot. And what could be more personal than a portrait?

The portrait is not a simple reproduction of the features of a face, but is the result of a personal interpretation of a moment in which the subject is a real person and alive.

I define myself a Reportage and portrait photographer because I try to always combine the two things: the experience from Reportage with the need to portray a face or a person creating an image that manages to convey a feeling.

The ultimate result? Convey an emotion.

This is also what I try to teach when I accompany the participants to my photo tours and workshops in Italy and you can ask for details using the link in the contacts.